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The Hybrid Network

• File Storage • Media Manager • Contact Manager • Chat Room • MarketPlace • Search Engine • MoneyMaker


    File storage

    Store Your Files In One Place

    Keep everything in one place with our Cloud storage solution. Unlimited space for all your media files and documents. Share access to your photos, videos and documents with friends, family, customers or colleagues. Easy access and organization options so you can always find what you need when you need it.

    Manage Your Media Easily

    Connect, share and enjoy your media with Contactine. Never lose your media again with our hybrid Cloud storage network. Create folders, share with your network, like, comment and much more. It's easy to search for media files with our dashboard; you can find everything you want without searching.

    Media Manager
    Contact manager

    Keep Your Contacts In One Place

    Access your contacts from anywhere with our private Cloud infrastructure. You can use our hybrid network on mobile devices and desktops. Wherever you are, as long as you have Internet connectivity, you can access your contacts.

    You won't need excessive storage on your phone or tablet, thanks to our Cloud network. Just log in to your account, and access all of your media, files and contacts. For businesses and freelancers, building a network has never been simpler with our hybrid Cloud network.

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    Network With Like-Minded Users

    Networking with new people can help grow your business and expand your friendship group. Combine work with play using Contactine's fun chats and forums. Like a virtual business center, our network allows you to chat with customers and friends about your work.

    Find new friends and connections with our network. The user dashboard has a side panel with suggestions to help you find new clients, friends and collaborators around the world.

    Chat Room
    Personal shop

    Buy And Sell With Ease

    Make money from the unwanted items in your home on our platform. If you see something you like, barter and buy online. Our secure marketplace gives you the chance to check out private sales or sell your wares directly from your profile.

    Find Data Quickly And Easily

    Our extensive network makes for a unique search engine. Find everything from new connections to products for sale and more. Instantly find the information you need, and then use it to your advantage with our hybrid network.

    Search engine

    Make Money With Contactine!

    Advertisers want to reach their target market, and they need prolific network members like you to achieve their goal. The more you use our network, the more money you can make. All you need to do is enjoy our services, and you'll get paid instantly!

    That’s because we will pay $1 for every time an advert on your profile is clicked on, which means the bigger your network, the more you could earn.

    Online Ads To Get You Noticed

    An innovative approach to advertising you won't find anywhere else! From just 50$ a week your advert can reach our vast network of members. We take a unique approach to advertising, so you get the best visibility and return on investment.We don't charge based on clicks or views, so your advert budget isn't dependant on performance.

    That means you're not open to any fraudulent activities like click fraud. Maximize the impact of every cent of your advertising budget with our platform. You can target your adverts to your audience and get noticed quickly. We'll even match the price of any better advertising opportunity on the Internet- if you can find one! You get the best value when you advertise with us.

    Smart advertising
    Online protection

    Private Browsing For Online Security

    We’re a non-toxic hybrid network. That means that we won’t track your internet activities or your data. That means you can trust that you’re in safe hands when you use Contactine. Be followed not watched! You are free and that`s why we are not watching what you are doing